Powering Through Mindfulness Overload


This user-friendly and hopefully, soothing site is intended to provide overwhelmed and super-busy people with easy clear information about mindfulness, and all related topics to discover simple ways to enhance their quality of life. 

I am relatively new to the practice but have devoted my future to enhancing the quality of my life which amounts to living mindfully.  I won't bore you with explaining what mindfulness means to me - instead, I will simply do my best to provide you with carefully curated authentic content that you can access as part of your own discovery.

 I believe that every single person experiences life in their own unique way. Your path is not my path  - but since our paths have crossed here (as you are reading this right now... ) I hope this website will provide something useful, uplifting and empowering  to take along with you.

Our lives have several different stages - or chapters, if you prefer. We transition from stage to stage, sometimes smoothly but oftentimes with tough challenges. However if we can recognize the onset of our personal Transition Zones and harness certain tools that will make the transition smoother, why wouldn't we? 

I have been in a Transition Zone with both my professional and personal life over the past couple of years.  I moved to a different state to live a different lifestyle. My company has transitioned from a predominantly business-focused leadership development and social media marketing consulting company to primarily a personal and individual performance improvement coaching vehicle. 

I am partial to one-on-one relationships where my visionaries (aka clients) invite me to walk with them through the more challenging parts of their transitions. I am grateful for their confidence and trust in me - especially those who are tasked with powerful responsibilities that affect hundreds of people. I have also discovered so many ways  in which emotional intelligence and mindfulness play significant roles in enriching the quality of life for every single person.

I welcome contact, queries and communication, so feel free to send me a message and let's discover why you may be inspired to reach out. Either way, I hope you find this website to be a warm and resourceful space along your journey. Tomorrow is a brand new day - but today is where you live.

Thank you for reading. I truly appreciate you!